Rise Against: Appeal To Reason


Appeal To Reason demonstrated a more clean, crisp sound compared to previous albums which is great but to some people they feel this is straying away from the bands Punk roots. I myself have noticed that when it comes to punk rock bands many people start to lose interest when the bands sound becomes cleaner. Traditional punk rock was about being loud, fast, and speaking your mind but in my opinion a band developing a cleaner sound does not remove them from that genre. With this album Rise Against took a massive step forward while maintaining who they where at the core.

1. Collapse (Post-Amerika)   5 stars
2. Long Forgotten Sons   5 stars
3. Re-Education (Through Labor)   5 stars
4. The Dirt Whispered   5 stars
5. Katov Syndrome   4.5 stars
6. From Heads Unworthy  4.5 stars
7. The Strength To Go On   4.5 stars
8. Audience of One  5 stars
9. Entertainment   4 stars
10. Hero of War   5 stars
11. Savior   5 stars
12. Hairline Fracture   4 stars
13. Whereabouts Unknown   4 stars

Grade: 93.08 (A)


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