Dogs Eating Dogs EP

Released: December 18, 2012

Dogs Eating Dogs demonstrates a more polished sound compared to blink-182’s comeback album “Neighborhoods”. The first track on the album “When I Was Young” starts off sounding almost like an Angels & Airwaves song but then builds up and becomes a punchy pop-punk song in which DeLonge drives the chorus with Hoppus providing a nice touch in the secondary vocals.

The second track which is the title track, “Dogs Eating Dogs” is extremely catchy, fast paced, and something long-time fans of the band should love. It also has a great breakdown in which Travis Barker destroys the drums as he does so well. The third track, “Disaster” sounds like another Angels & Airwaves song at the start but quickly dives into a fast paced song.

Next comes the holiday song “Boxing Day”, which is the first serious acoustic song from this band. If you know blink-182 then you should know what I mean.  The final track, “Pretty Little Girl” blends the likes of Angels & Airwaves, Blink-182, and Rap into one song. I personally like the song because of it’s solid lyrics and the drums but I wasn’t to crazy about the Yelawolf verse. All in all, it’s an EP that demonstrates a better sound when compared to Neighborhoods and a preview of a bright new future for a great band.

Score: 8.8


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