(hed) p.e. : Evolution

Released: July 22, 2014

I had been personally waiting for this album for a long time and was most definitely not disappointed. In terms of how it sits with the bands past albums I would definitely say this album is their best to date. The album starts with the sound of conga drums building up and then erupting into the amazing first track entitled “No Turning Back”. Front-man Jahred Gomes jumps in with in your face vocals screaming “Before you change the world you’ve got to change your self! Before you get to heaven you must go through hell!” making the intro track explosive and attention grabbing. “Lost In Babylon” deals with past drug abuse and rising above and evolving. “Jump the Fence” is a song about jumping the fences of life, coming together and prevailing. “2 Many Games” is a personal track dealing with person struggles, trying to make ends meet, and learning from mistakes. The song has a Zeppelin feel to it which is new from this band. “No Tomorrow” picks the tempo up and brings the message of togetherness and the ability of a mass to rise above an opposing force. “Let It Rain” again gets into personal matters this time in the form of trying to provide and the result being a life on the road to make ends meet. “One More Body” is a song about not being “one more body for the grinder” in the world that chews people up and spits them out. “Never Alone” again brings the message of unity. This song is a good example of the evolution of the bands instrumentals that where not heard much, if at all on previous albums. “The Higher Crown” is a quite track meant to transition from the rock music to the reggae songs at the end and actually works great. “Nowhere 2 Go”, “Let It Burn”, and “Hold On” demonstrate the bands ability to transition into reggae from hard hitting rock.

This album is better than I had ever anticipated and even after many listens I know this album has won a place in my heart with its blend of loud, hard hitting rock and fines of reggae. This is a must hear for rock fans weather you have heard of this band or not. The title “Evolution” is perfect for this album because it is way different from past albums. When I say different I would say that the album has less intros, is much more cohesive, different styles of guitar playing, and evolved, stronger vocals. Don’t miss out on this one!

Rating: 9.35


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