New Found Glory: Catalyst


Catalyst is the album that really put New Found Glory on the map with its crisper sound, catchier lyrics, and overall energy powered by front-man Jordan Pundik and backed by solid drumming and guitar riffs. With hit’s like “All Downhill From Here”, “Truth of My Youth”, “I Don’t Wanna Know”, and “No News Is Good News”; this album makes for an enjoyable listen even 10 years later. This band continues to get better to this day and this album demonstrated the potential and previewed what was to come.

1. Intro   3 stars
2. All Downhill From Here   5 stars
3. This Disaster   4 stars
4. Truth of My Youth   5 stars
5. I Don’t Wanna Know   5 stars
6. Your Biggest Mistake   4 stars
7. Doubt Full   4.5 stars
8. Failure’s Not Flattering   5 stars
9. Over the Head, Below the Knees   4 stars
10. Ending In Tragedy   4 stars
11. At Least I’m Known For Something   4 stars
12. I’d Kill To Fall Asleep   4.5 stars
13. No News Is Good News   5 stars
14. Who Am I   4 stars

Grade: 87.14 (B)


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