Foo Fighters: Wasting Light

A collage of green, blue and pink face pictures of the Foo Fighters members against a black background. Above it is the title "FOO FIGHTERS - WASTING LIGHT" in red letters.

Released: April 12, 2012

The Foo Fighters up the overall tempo compared to their prior two albums with “Wasting Light”. Wasting Light offers a well rounded list of songs that provide energy, catchy lyrics, a few screams from Mr. Dave Grohl and an overall great album. The band wanted this album to be special in the way they recorded it which makes it sound like you are listening to a live stream of the band. In today’s world of music there is so much effects and cleaning up of tracks that is done leaving listeners with a polished version of the bands work. The Foo Fighters wanted to skip that stuff and show fans that they are really the great band we all know they are.

Score: 9.1


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