Green Day: Insomniac

Release Date: October 10, 1995

Insomniac is the follow up to Green Day’s breakthrough album “Dookie” which was released a year and a half prior which seems like a quick/short time between albums. Most bands put out new albums every two to three years so when you see a band putting out material this quick after such a successful album you have to wonder if the new one will be able to find its legs. In this case, Insomniac managed to recapture that greatness produced on Dookie while holding its own identity.

The albums high points start from the beginning with the upbeat “Armatage Shanks” which sounds like a lost track from the previous album “Dookie”. “Brat” captures the teenage angst of front-man Billy Joe Armstrong as well as every other listening along in an upbeat, fast song. “Bobs Uvula Who?” and “86” bring the album back to speed midway through the album. A few songs later the classic guitar riff of “Brain Stew” Kicks in which is followed by the fast paced classic “Jaded”. The album later finishes with yet another classic Green Day song, “Walking Contradiction”.

This album, along with its precursor “Dookie” defined this band. They both reflect what could be considered Green Day’s Golden Days…That’s actually kind of funny, or Corney. How about the greenest of days…okay I’ll stop. The bottom line is that this is one of the best albums from the 90’s. Some say it’s better than “Dookie” while others disagree but, one thing is for certain; they are both classics that deserve appreciation. So, if you have somehow not heard this album yet please go do so now! For the love of punk!

Score: 9.4


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