Third Eye Blind: Self-Titled

Released: April 8, 1997

Third Eye Blind cemented themselves in as one of the great bands from the 90’s with the smash hit release of their first album. The album produced five singles as well as nine other songs that could have also done well as singles. This is an album you can throw in and listen from start to finish without skipping a song. It has everything from high energy to slow melodies for a relaxing time. Over the years this album has aged like a fine wine in my opinion. I got the privilege to see these guys last December and the live performance was one of the best I have seen! It was like time traveling back to the 90’s which was awesome!

The album starts with “Losing a Whole Year”, a great song reminiscing about the love and joy of the beginning of a relationship that may have gone south. Narcolepsy is an interestingly fun song about the titles subject, “Narcolepsy”. The following two songs are the smash hit singles “Semi-Charmed Life”; a song about a relationships antics of sex and drugs that is super catchy, followed by “Jumper”, a song dealing with suicide and the message that it’s not worth it and we all have our struggles.

I could talk about each song and why it’s great but I wont, I’ll talk about two more then recommend a listen whether you have already heard it or not! “How’s It Going To Be” hits home thinking about what things would be like if a relationship ended. We tend to take things for granted and this song will have you thinking deeper when push comes to shove. “Motorcycle Drive By” is a metaphorical song about having to choose between two passions in life that conflict with each other which is something we all have to deal with sooner or later.

This album sparked a fire for this band that they are still stoking today. I think this band as well as this album deserves much more appreciation than they get. Each album this band has put out after this album is great as well but this is the one that started it all. If you only know the singles from this band it’s time to give this album a listen because you are missing out if you haven’t yet.

Score: 9.6 (A)


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