New Found Glory: Not Without a Fight


New Found Glory enlisted blink-182 bassist and vocalist, Mark Hoppus to produce this album back in 2009. This album followed the bands more alternative-pop sounding album Coming Home from 2006. Not Without a Fight blends elements of the bands core pop-punk sound with some of their more alternative sounding instrumentals. Lead singer, Jordan Pundik really seemed to mature as a vocalist on this album. He seems more vibrant, sturdy, and well rounded as a vocalist on this album compared to the bands prior releases. The grouping of songs on this album all compliment each other and fit together like a well thought out puzzle. The first track, Right Where We Left Off , kicks the album off with energy and a sort of narrative of a straying relationship that plays out through the albums entirety. The emotions of these songs are reflective of the lead singers personal life and relationships at the time. This is a personal album and I think that gives it a lot of heart that is felt by the listener making this a really great listen.

1.Right Where We Left Off   5 stars
2. Don’t Let Her Pull You Down   5 stars
3. Listen To Your Friends   5 stars
4. 47   4 stars
5. Truck Stop Blues   4 stars
6. Tangled Up   5 stars
7. I’ll Never Love Again   4 stars
8. Reasons   4.5 stars
9. Such a Mess   4 stars
10. Heartless At Best   4 stars
11. This Isn’t You   4.5 stars
12. Don’t Let This Be The End   4 stars
13. I’m The Fool   4.5 stars

Grade: 88.46 (B+)


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