A Day To Remember: Homesick

Released: February 3, 2009

Homesick is the third album from “A Day To Remember”. This album gained the band notoriety after two albums that didn’t get as much attention. While this album does have a similar sound the the bands previous album it also has a more polished sound. There seems to be a slight transition away from the amount of growling to add more fines to the songs which seems to have created a cleaner sound and overall better album. This album was a good preview of what was to come from this band because they have continued progressing into a better band on the two albums that have been released since this album. “Homesick” was in a way the beginning of the bands growth.

The first song on the album, “The Downfall of Us All” kicks off with some chants and a loud “Lets Go!” propelling the song into a poppy flow setting the stage for a good feel. The song “Have Faith In Me” slows the album down a bit at about mid-way with a catchy chorus that will have you singing along in no time. Overall, the songs on this album seem to deal with the band changing and how people should have some faith in them as referred to in the song “Another Song About The Weekend”.

I consider this album good when compared to the two albums they have produced since it’s release. It was a turning point for this band that propelled them into being the band they are today. It has a few songs that are very memorable and some that aren’t so memorable. But, this is the album that pulled my interest and after hearing what they have done since I would call myself a fan of this band.

Score: 8.3


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