No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom

Released: October 10, 1995

Tragic Kingdom was No Doubts claim to fame that brought them into the spotlight with its catchy such as “Just a Girl”, “Don’t Speak”, and “Sunday Morning”. I myself haven’t gone back and listened to the bands earlier albums. But, I remember how big No Doubt became with the release of this album. When looking at the album as a whole when compared to the singles it holds up very well. The singles are definitely not the only thing good on this album. Songs like “Excuse Me Mr.”, “Hey You”, and “Different People” could have all made good singles and the rest of the songs all contribute to making the album a memorable piece of art.

From the beginning, this album is great with the first song “Spiderwebs” which has a ska/reggae feel with catchy lyrics that pull the listener in to the album. “Excuse Me Mr.” keeps the pace up and leads into the hit single “Just a Girl” demonstrating the angst that can go along with being a woman/girl in a society dominated by male ego’s. The Next couple songs continue to be fun and catchy keeping the ska vibe alive and well. Then come two more of what I think are some of the best songs on the album “Sunday Morning”, and the smash hit “Don’t Speak” which still holds it’s haunting feel of separation in its beautiful melodies. The last few songs on the album bring the vibe back up to end the album on a more positive note.

I would call this album great because of the singles it produced and the major lasting value it contains. This album is fun at times, deep and dark at moments, “Don’t Speak”, and very catchy. If you only know the singles of this album you should give the whole thing a listen.

Score: 8.9


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