Paramore: All We Know Is Falling

Released: July 26, 2005

“All We Know Is Falling” was the first album released by pop-punk/alternative band Paramore. The album gained the band some notoriety but their big break came with the follow-up “Riot” a few years later. This album produced some really good singles that sparked the fire for this band and set the stage for the things to come. This album produced four singles and a few other great songs while the rest held up pretty good. There are not any songs that I would say are bad on this album and about half of the songs make up this bands period of breaking out and establishing themselves.

The album starts with the upbeat and somewhat somber “All We Know” which is then followed up by the hit single “Pressure” keeping the balance of upbeat sound with a feel of deeper emotion. The next song “Emergency” is another catchy song with this same sort of formula that was seen in the first two songs. For the most part, each song seems to follow along with this formula and if you think about it, it actually fits perfectly with the albums title. The other two songs I would include as high points on this album would be the tracks “Never Let This Go” and “Franklin”.

Rating: 8.9


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