Simple Plan: No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls

Released: March 19, 2002

Simple Plan made their way onto radios with hits like “I’d Do Anything” and “I’m Just a Kid” off their first album “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls”. These two songs where catchy and fit in to the pop punk music scene of the time which was made up of bands like blink-182 and The Offspring. Simple Plan became the new band on the block with the release of these singles.The singles are probably the best part of this album while the rest of the songs are fun and mostly good, there are no hidden gems. The album is pretty balanced out but I wouldn’t say it’s a let down. As being the bands first album it does well in establishing the band.

The album starts with the hit “I’d Do Anything” and flows smoothly through the next to songs to the fourth song of the album “I’m Just a Kid” which takes on a slightly more serious tone. “When I’m With You” and “Meet You There” keep the vibe of “I’m Just a Kid” going and then “Addicted” brings the album back to a more positive pop-punk vibe. The last two songs of the album starting with “Perfect” hit back on serious topics closing the album in an almost somber feel.

This album is good in that it established “Simple Plan in the pop-punk community with some great singles. While there are not really any non-single tracks that pop off as great songs, the rest of the songs are good enough for an enjoyable listen. This album started it all for Simple Plan, it established the platform on which this band could build upon and have since done so. It captures a time in music where bands didn’t feel the need to sound tough and seemed to actually have fun with their music.

Score: 8.6


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