New Found Glory: Resurrection

New Found Glory - Resurrection

Released: October 7, 2014

This album is different from the previous two albums “Radiosurgery” and “Not Without a Fight”. “Not Without a Fight” showed a more polished sound while losing some of the pop-punk feel and coming off as more of an alternative rock album. “Radiosurgery” demonstrated a traditional punk approach with faster and shorter songs that held a really poppy feel. This album seems to take the best of both worlds and return to the bands earlier days resulting in a polished off, matured album.

1. Selfless   10/10
2. Resurrection   10/10
3. The Worst Person   8/10
4. Ready and Willing   9/10
5. One More Round   9/10
6. Vicious Love   8/10
7. Persistent   10/10
8. Stories of a Different Kind   8/10
9. Degenerate   8/10
10. Angel   10/10
11. Stubborn   8.5/10
12. Living Hell   8/10
13. On My Own   8/10

Grade: 88.08 (B+)


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