The Wallflowers: Bringing Down The Horse

Released: May21, 1996

“Bringing Down The Horse” was the break-out album from the alternative band The Wallflowers. They had people grooving along with the lead single “One Headlight” which raided the radio waves. As good as the single was you could only expect great things from the rest of this album. This album as a whole makes for a pretty enjoyable listen. Half of the songs have a coffee house feel to them while others like the lead single “One Headlight” and “Difference” display the bands ability to create fun groove-oriented songs. Overall, there is a good balance of highs and lows throughout the album which keeps it from feeling like a downer. The back and forth of more upbeat melodies and lower key ballads makes up a nice overall mix making for a good vibe.

The first song on the album, “One Headlight” stands out as a hit with it’s lighthearted groove style. “6th Avenue Heartache” mellows down a step from the first song in a complimentary fashion. A few more songs down the line comes the upbeat, feel good track “Difference” about how some people change and others stay the same as we grow. The album then goes back and forth between upbeat songs and mellow ballads for the remaining duration. “Laughing Out Loud” is another song that I feel captures the magic of this bands ability to make solid, groove-like songs.

This is a good album that makes for an enjoyable listen. It maintains a balance of upbeat and mellow tracks throughout. It fits right in with much of the alternative rock albums from 1996. If you feel like taking a ride to the mid 90’s, a time filled with great rock, give this album a listen and enjoy!

Rating: 8.7


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