Yellowcard: Ocean Avenue

Released: July 22, 2003

Ocean Avenue was the breakthrough album from Yellowcard. They had released a few albums prior to Ocean Avenue but none of them gained the band as much attention as this had. Ocean Avenue shows Yellowcard breaking out, solidifying their sound, and cementing themselves into a generation of rock music. This album set the bar for what was to come from this band. Some may consider this the bands best album but in my opinion they have managed to captured similar magic on more recent releases.

Compared to the bands previous albums, Ocean Avenue has a much more polished sound and overall better composition. This album had some great singles and very easily could have had more with the high quality of pretty much every song on the album. This is an album without any songs I would feel the need to skip when listening to. It is solid inside and out.

The album kicks off with the hit single “Way Away”, a song filled with a blast of rock blended nicely with the sounds of a violin. The chorus is extremely catchy and the tempo is on point. The next song, “Breathing” keeps things moving right along and on into another hit. “Ocean Avenue” is a great song about growing up and realizing how life takes different turns when we least expect it. “Empty Apartment” leads the album into the second half which is made up of more emotion driven, serious feeling songs. The Final song on the album, “Back Home” hits home with the message that we have all heard before, “you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone.”

This album is great and has for sure maintained its value through the years and additional albums. Although the band has produced a few other albums that could be considered as good, or maybe slightly better than this one, Ocean Avenue still shines as one of the best albums that Yellowcard has produced.

Rating: 9.1


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