Unwritten Law: Elva

Released: January 29, 2002

Elva is the fourth album released by the Pop-Punk band Unwritten Law. While their previous albums where good they never quite propelled the band into the punk scene as this album did. Elva has a much more solid sound than previous albums such as “Oz Factor”. While the band did slightly move away from the punk rock sound and more into the alternative side of the punk genre, I feel it allowed for the bands growth and improvement.

The album starts with a melodic intro which bursts into the upbeat, catchy “Mean Girl”. The next track, “Up All Night” demonstrates the bands ability to write good upbeat, punk-oriented songs with a polished sound. “How You Feel” demonstrates the bands ability to write melodic, slower songs without losing the overall vibe of the album. “Seein’ Red”, which is probably the best song on this album, has the perfect blend of slower melodies, an up-tempo chorus, and smooth guitar parts backed by solid drumming.

“Babalon” is another song that seems to be put together very well in every aspect. The drums are solid with a cool breakdown midway through, the guitars are right on key, and the vocals as well as backing vocals all mesh together very well for another great song. “Rest of My Life” is a great song showing that this band has many dimensions. This song shows the softer side of Unwritten Law in what could be an acoustic song but, works amazingly with the backing of the full band. The final song on the album, “Evolution” finishes the album with a bang. The guitars have an amazing heavy sound enhanced with the nice bass lines. The drums are solid as they are throughout the whole album and this one song seems to really encompass the overall feel of this album to finish it off in a great way.

This album is awesome! It shows Unwritten Law at a time of Evolution, hence the name. It set the tone for the bands future work and showed them really stepping up and growing up as a band. Each album since this one has been nothing short of great!

Rating: 8.8


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