Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American

Released: July 18, 2001

Bleed American was Jimmy Eat Worlds “claim to fame”. Prior to this albums release, the band had a much smaller fan-base which definitely grew with this album. Bleed American demonstrates a cleaner sound with many memorable songs that are still great to this day. From the loud title track “Bleed American” to slower tracks such as “Cautioners”, this album has a good balance of fast and slow songs.

The album produced other great songs like the upbeat, fun track, “A Praise Chorus” reminding listeners to live life to its fullest in lyrics like “Are you gonna waste you’re life standing in the back looking around? Are you gonna waste you’re time? gotta make a move, or you’ll miss out.” Other hit songs consist of the singles “The Middle” and “Sweetness” which are both fun, up-tempo tracks backed with some good lyrics.

Thirteen years later, this album still holds up as a pretty solid album. None of the songs feel dated or faded with time. Bleed American was a good spark for Jimmy Eat World. The next few albums to follow Bleed American where just as good and all produced more memorable songs. Bleed American is where it all started.

Score: 9.4 (A)


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