Tonic: Lemon Parade

Released: July 16, 1996

Lemon Parade is the great debut album from alternative rock band Tonic who produced some of the most memorable hits of the nineties. Lemon Parade is a very enjoyable album to listen to from start to finish. Everyone remembers the hit song “If You Could Only See” which was the smash hit single off of this album. I feel like this album has been somewhat forgotten or overlooked because of the many other amazing albums from the mid-nineties and even the year 1996 itself.

I personally didn’t listen to this album in it’s entirety until a few years ago but I quickly found that I had been missing out on a great album! When you had such big albums like Sublimes classic self-titled album, Better Than Ezra’s “Friction, Baby”, Cake’s “Fashion Nugget”, and other great albums in the surrounding weeks and month’s of this albums release you can understand why the new band on the street might not get as much attention. Since then, this album has gained the attention that it deserves and if you still haven’t heard it it’s time for a listen! Every song on this album is great in it’s own way so I won’t write a novel on it but rather suggest a listen.

Grade: B-


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