Tonic: Lemon Parade

Released: July 16, 1996

Lemon Parade is the great debut album from alternative rock band Tonic who produced some of the most memorable hits of the nineties. Lemon Parade is a very enjoyable album to listen to from start to finish. The album gave us the smash hit and 90’s classic, If You Could Only See but, it also has some other really great songs like Casual Affair, Open Up Your Eyes, and Wicked Soldier. There is something unique and special about this bands sound and tone that makes it warm and welcoming. The recording doesn’t sound to have been the highest quality but it in turn makes the album sound more authentic. This is an enjoyable album that still holds up in modern times.

1. Open Up Your Eyes   (5 stars)
2. Casual Affair   (5 stars)
3. If You Could Only See   (5 stars)
4. Soldier’s Daughter   (4 stars)
5. Lemon Parade   (4 stars)
6. Mountain   (4 stars)
7. Thick   (4 stars)
8. Wicked Soldier   (5 stars)
9. Mr. Golden Deal   (4 stars)
10. Bigot Sunshine   (4 stars)
11. Celtic Aggression   (4 stars)
12. My Old Man   (4 stars)

Grade: 86.67 (B-)



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