Sum 41: Chuck

Released: September 29, 2004

Chuck shows Sum 41 stepping into some new areas of rock music making for a great sound. While holding true to the bands punk style roots they add on a feel of hard rock with heavier sounding guitars and some louder vocals. Chuck is probably my favorite album from this band and one that seems to hold its value after ten years. From the fast paced tracks like “No Reason”, “We’re All To Blame”, and “Welcome To Hell”, to the slower and more personal tracks like “Some Say” and “Pieces”, this album is very cohesive and well constructed.

I feel like Chuck is the album that really captures the greatness that this band holds within them. It demonstrates the different styles that they pull from such as punk, metal, and even some softer rock. This album has a much cleaner and established sound from the bands prior work and holds a magic that I can’t say the band has recaptured since which is understandable as a band usually doesn’t look to duplicate a previous album but build on or create something new. I feel like the two albums since this one got more personal, which is fine, but they only managed to recapture some of the greatness the band produced on this album. Chuck shows the bands potential, where they have been and where they where heading.

Grade: A-


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