Alkaline Trio: Agony and Irony

Released: July 1, 2008

I never listened to this album when it was released and didn’t really know much of this band at the time. They got my attention with the album “This Addiction” which was released after this one and got me hooked when I finally went back and listened to this album. The band’s newest album is great as well but I’ll save that for when I talk about that album. From the first song to the very last song, this album is made up of amazing songs that will have listeners hooked on this band with one listen. I wish I had discovered this album when it came out because 2008 felt like a year that was lacking in good punk music. This was not the case, I just didn’t know what to look for I guess.

While I have to say each song on this album is great there are the certain songs that are the definite high points on the album. “Calling All Skeletons” is a great song about how some people walk out of your life when you thought they where there for the long run. It is a very catchy song that I’m sure most people can relate to which always makes songs great in my opinion. “Help Me” continues with the personally subject matter that I and probably most people can relate to which is that we all need help at some point or another.  “Over and Out” gets really deep with the subject of suicide with a chorus singing “run for cover as fast as you can” pointing out that there is a way through and to hold on.

“I Found Away” is the perfect song to follow up “Over and Out” as it talks about breaking away and rising above some difficult circumstances. “Live Young, Die Fast” is a great song about life. To me this song is about eternal youth, always living with the excitement of a child and enjoying the ride as heard in the lyrics, “so, sit back and relax, enjoy the crash, it fades into black and it’s gone”. The last song I want to talk about is “Love Love, Kiss Kiss”, a song about the feelings of going through a break up. It demonstrates the many emotions that come along with this life event that everyone experiences at some point in their life in a very well written way.

I highly recommend this album to anyone that likes punk and alternative rock from the 2000’s. If you missed this album it’s for sure worth a listen. At least check out some of the songs mentioned above, you might just get hooked!

Grade: A


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