Bayside: Cult


Bayside was always one of the bands I only knew of with their hits and singles but never necessarily listened to their full albums. But a few years ago when they released their album “Killing Time” I fell in love with this band. I always knew this band had potential and hadn’t yet blossomed which they did on “Killing Time”. This album adds to the bands legacy in a great way and in my opinion is another step in the right direction! The songs on Cult demonstrate the bands very solid sound with great drum parts enhanced with powerful guitars. Anthony Raneri on vocals is the glue that holds the sound together making for a unique band that in my opinion holds a different sound than any other bands I can think of.

1. Big Cheese   5 stars
2. Time Has Come   5 stars
3. Hate Me  4 stars
4. You’re No Match   4 stars
5. Pigsty   4 stars
6. Transitive Property   4 stars
7. Stuttering   4.5 stars
8. Bear With Me   4 stars
9. Objectivist on Fire   5 stars
10. Something’s Wrong   4 stars
11. The Whitest Lie   3 stars

Grade: 84.55 (C+)


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