Bayside: Cult

Released: February 18, 2014

Bayside was always one of the bands I only knew of with their hits and singles but never necessarily listened to their full albums. But a few years ago when they released their album “Killing Time” I fell in love with this band. I always knew this band had potential and hadn’t yet blossomed which they did on “Killing Time”. This album adds to the bands legacy in a great way and in my opinion is another step in the right direction! The songs on Cult demonstrate the bands very solid sound with great drum parts enhanced with powerful guitars. Anthony Raneri on vocals is the glue that holds the sound together making for a unique band that in my opinion holds a different sound than any other bands I can think of.

In my opinion the best songs on the album would be “Big Cheese”, “Time Has Come”, “Stuttering”, and “Objectivist on Fire”.  Big Cheese is a great song about wanting to be remembered but remembered for the person you are.  This song sets a nice pace for the album and really sets the tone well. Time Has Come builds on the first song and talks about life is special because we know it ends. I really love the verse from this song, “I thought I’d like to live forever, but it just reeks of patience and effort”. It makes you think about how precious life is and that it becomes more valuable when you understand that it will end at some point.

Stuttering gets pretty personal with front-man Anthony Raneri relaying a message that his music is a reflection of self and that he is basically sacrificing himself by becoming vulnerable in his music for the fans.  Objectivist on Fire is another really great song! This song delves into the human experience of trying so hard to achieve something but finding that some things aren’t meant to be. While this song can be seen as somewhat depressing it really captures a vivid picture of life that will for sure make you think about life and the time that you have.

Overall, Cult is an album with some really great songs and really nothing to complain about. I feel that Bayside has done some growing and evolving on their past few albums and this one is as good, if not better than their previous releases. I feel like this album is much more personal than previous albums by the band which gives it a new element and depth. If your new to this band you might want to check out some of their earlier albums like “The Walking Wounded”, “Shudder”, and “Killing Time” as well to get a better feel for the band.

Grade: B+


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