The Offspring: Americana

November 17, 1998

“Americana” was probably the biggest album from “The Offspring” other than their 1994 album, “Smash” . Americana gained The Offspring major commercial success and produced a whole list of hit songs which are usually, if not always, included in lists of greatest 90’s songs. Anytime I feel like going back in time and revisit my youth, this album is the perfect blend of fast, catchy, and just down right amazing songs that never seem to get old. This album has not faded with age but remained great. As I have grown up I have gained a much greater appreciation for this amazing album and grown to really love the nostalgic factor it carries along with it.

The album contains classic hits such as; “Staring at the Sun”, “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)”, “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, and “Why Don’t You Get a Job”. While all of those songs are great, they are definitely not all this album has to offer. I personally love this album from start to finish which I am pretty sure most fans of “The Offspring” would say. Everyone knows at least a song or two of the ones mentioned above and if you have not had the privilege of listening to the album in it’s entirety I would highly recommend it!

Which album by “The Offspring” is the best is something that depends on the listeners taste but I will for sure say this is definitely in the top two albums this band has ever produced.  Americana really captures the decade of the 90’s in my opinion. It is very relatable to the youth of that time, and should be to the youth of today with the way it delves into the somewhat dark side of our American culture filled with depression, doing anything to fit in, broken homes, broken dreams, suicide, and other relative topics. Some people might look at this album as just another fast paced, punk album from the 90’s but, if you listen you will find a meaningful work of art that captures our society and culture. While this vivid imagery is from the 90’s it for sure correlates to modern America making this album a must hear.

Grade: A+


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