Incubus: Light Grenades

Incubus - Light Grenades.jpg


 Light Grenades is one of my favorite Incubus albums because to me it represents the band very well. I feel this album recaptures some of the magic that was produced on their album “Morning View”, which I could say is their best in my opinion. Light Grenades has a good balance of melody driven songs and upbeat rock ballads that all blend together very well. There are moments of energizing rock, (A Kiss To Send Us Off, Anna Molly, and Rogues) mixed into these beautiful melodies, (Dig, Love Hurts, Earth To Bella, Oil and Water) that make this sort of yin and yang that really balances this album out.

1. Quicksand   3.5 stars
2. A Kiss To Send Us Off   4 stars
3. Dig   5 stars
4. Anna Molly   5 stars
5. Love Hurts   5 stars
6. Light Grenades   3.5 stars
7. Earth To Bella (Part I)   5 stars
8. Oil and Water   4.5 stars
9. Diamonds and Coal   3.5 stars
10. Rogues   4 stars
11. Paper Shoes   4 stars
12. Pendulous Threads   4 stars
13. Earth To Bella (Part II)   4 stars
14. Punchdrunk   3 stars
15. Look Alive   3.5 stars

Grade: 82.0 (B-)


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