Sugarcult: Start Static

Released: August 21, 2001

Start Static gained Sugarcult a lot of attention with the hit single “Bouncing Off the Walls” but I think this album was overlooked by many people. This album came at a time when the pop-punk scene was thriving pretty well and all of music was changing into a new decade into the post-90’s world of music. Start Static was a positive sign that good rock music and good pop-punk was still alive even if it seemed like the good times had come and gone. I personally remember listening to this album over and over again when it came out and to this day I think this album is as good as it was then.

Stuck In America, Hate Every Beautiful Day, Bouncing Off the Walls, and Pretty Girl (The Way) are my picks for the most notable tracks on this album. Stuck In America honestly should have been a second hit single off of this album that would have most likely gotten a lot of radio play. Hate Every Beautiful Day is a very solid track with an almost somber feel that blends really well with the rest of the album. Bouncing Off the Walls is catchy and simple which makes it a great ballad. Pretty Girl (The Way) does a very good job of providing vivid imagery of an abusive relationship and how people can be controlled. The song is very deep while maintaining it’s ability to catch listeners and have them singing along.

If you want to journey back in time to the early, post-nineties rock scene, Start static is a great album to include. The album is overall enjoyable to listen to from start to finish. It has fun, upbeat songs as well as some deeper, more personal ones creating for a great blend. This balance keeps the album thoughtful while avoiding the result of becoming a downer full of sad songs. While this album wasn’t a chart topper I feel it is an important album that represents the era of rock it belongs to and because of that is a must hear if it has been passed by!

Grade: B+


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