Rancid: Honor Is All We Know

Released: October 27, 2014

After a period of five years since the bands last album release, Rancid proves that time hasn’t added rust. While the bands most recent album, 2009’s “Let The Dominoes Fall” didn’t seem to be as good as the bands prior albums, this album in my opinion is back on par with the quality this band demonstrated on 2003’s “Indestructible”. This album is enjoyable from start to finish and filled with new classics to add to this bands long-standing legacy.

The first track on the album, “Back Where I Belong”, kicks the album off with a nice pace and the feel of the bands earlier music from the late 90’s and early 00’s. The track “Collision Course” is another great song that seems to harken back to the bands earlier days which many fans may consider the best time for this band. The lead single track, “Honor Is All We Know” is a great demonstration of this bands mulch-layered talent with different band members singing on different parts which creates a feel of brotherhood and wholeness within the band.

Overall, all of the tracks on this album are great and they each take on their own life as you listen through. While I love “Indestructible” and “…And Out Come The Wolves”, this album seems to take everything that was great about those albums and brought it up to date. The band holds on to their roots and improves in overall presentation on this one! Fans of the band should love this album and those who have yet to fall in love with this amazing band should give this whole album a listen because it might just get you hooked!

Grade: B+


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