311: Stereolithic

Released: March 11, 2014

While I could never say I disliked the past few albums from 311, I cant say that I loved them. Stereolithic is an album I would say manages to attain the energy and feel that made the bands earlier albums so good. The songs on this album remind me of tracks like “Down”, “Come Original”, and “All Mixed Up”. I’m not saying that the band seems to be rehashing a certain formula but, otherwise upholding or even “uplifting” the vibe and flow of their earlier music that made them so successful. Stereolithic proves that even though bands may seem to have gone through their glory days, the future may always bring something to re-ignite the fire.

The songs of this album are all enjoyable and nothing out of the ordinary for a 311 album.  The album demonstrates the bands maturity and growth since its earlier days. They don’t necessarily try anything new or different, which is fine because what worked in the past can still work today. My personal favorite tracks on the album are “Ebb and Flow”, “Five on Everything”, and “Revolutions of the Year” because those three tracks really remind me of the earlier days of 311. This album isn’t the best album 311 has ever produced, but it sure is a step up from the bands previous few albums.

Grade: C


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