Weezer: Everything Will Be Alright In the End

Released: October 7, 2014

Weezer seems to have taken a moment to look back at what made them successful on earlier albums with their newest album “Everything Will Be Alright In the End”. Just as they talk about in the song “Back to the Shack”, Weezer seems to have looked inward and rediscovered the magic that made them great and that fans of the band have been missing. This album sounds like the band we heard from the classic “Blue Album”. I’m not saying this album is as good or on the same level as that classic album but that it is reminiscent of the bands earlier days.

Lyrically, this song is pretty enjoyable and creative at times. One of my favorite lyrical verses comes from the single “Back to the Shack”;   “Take me back, back to the shack, Back to the strat with the lightning strap, Kick in the door, more hardcore Rockin out like it’s ’94”. This tells me that Weezer is aware of how their sound had taken a dive since their earlier days and they want to get back to that. The track “Go Away” is a great track with a guest vocalist. This song is creative and fun both lyrically and composition wise.

The flow of this album is good enough for an enjoyable listen with a mix of ups and downs where the mood seems to shift from fun and upbeat to mellow and somber. It starts off fun and fast for the first few songs, calms down for the middle and builds back up to finish off with a fun paced instrumental that finishes the album out with some shredding guitars and the crash of cymbals. Overall, this album is enjoyable. It is reminiscent at times of the bands earlier days, new and creative at times, and has its shining moments. While I won’t say this is a masterpiece or monumental album, I feel this album shows that Weezer still holds the spirit they had in the 90’s and has more to offer. This album is a step up from the bands last few records but still doesn’t reach the stars as albums like “The Blue Album” did.

Grade: C-


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