Angels and Airwaves: The Dream Walker

Released: December 9, 2014

The sound of this album is an expansion from what the band has done in the past. It seems like Tom Delonge has almost blended everything he has done in the past from this band to blink-182 and almost some essence of Box Car Racer to enhance the sound of Angels and Airwaves. It makes me excited to see what the next blink-182 album sounds like. The sound of this album almost reminds me of the Tom Delonge I grew up hearing on blink-182 albums. While the style is different, there is just something about this album that reminds me of Tom’s work with blink-182 prior to the break up. One song, “Kiss With a Spell” almost sounds like an Enya song to me which is in one way; very interesting and cool, and in another, just weird. The tracks “Teenagers and Rituals” and “Tunnels” really demonstrate Delonge’s strong and cleaver song writing abilities. This is an enjoyable album full of passion and creativity.

1. Teenagers and Rituals   5 stars
2. Paralyzed   4.5 stars
3. The Wolfpack   4 stars
4. Tunnels   5 stars
5. Kiss With a Spell   4 stars
6. Mercenaries   5 stars
7. Bullets in the Wind   4 stars
8. The Disease   4 stars
9. Tremors   4 stars
10. Anomoly   4 stars

Grade: 87.0 (B+)



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