Yellowcard: Lift a Sail

Released: October 7, 2014

Lift a Sail has a more mellow sound overall than any of Yellowcard’s previous albums. While their previous albums may have had a few songs that I could say are similar to the overall feel of this album, they have never really submerged themselves as much as this album does. The sound of this album is almost ambient and really ventures away from the pop/punk sound this band has always produced. While it does sound different, it still sounds great!

Lyrically, this album is as good as any album this band has produced. The songs are meaningful and well constructed resulting in tracks that are both catchy and gripping. Some tracks have lyrics that will hit home if you listen and pay attention. I have included some of my favorites at the bottom of the post. The album flows together very well in an almost calming sort of way. I feel like most of the songs carry the same energy throughout for an almost relaxing experience.

Yellowcard have managed to create something new and fresh unlike anything they have done in the past while maintaining the core of who they are. “Lift a Sail” is unique and opens a new chapter for this band. This is the new, grown up and mature Yellowcard. This album could seem experimental, but I think of it as more of an evolution that captures an interesting growth in this bands legacy. The music is still great, it just took on a more laid back and ambient feel.

“What good could I do in a life without you? What more could I lose that what I found in you?”
-One Bedroom-

“I was crawling up the walls for so long, you were pulling me down, pulling me. I was trying not to fall for so long, Now I’m gonna get out, gonna get out.”
-The Deepest Well-

“If a storm blows in on me, I am ready now, I am ready now. When the waves com from underneath, I am ready now, I am ready now.”
-Lift a Sail

7.5 (C)


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