Seether: Isolate and Medicate

Released: July 1, 2014

Seether has put together one of their most cohesive albums to date with “Isolate and Medicate”. The sound of this album is nothing vastly different from what they have done in the past. The sound is like a blend of grunge, alternative, and a touch of metal. Tracks like “Words as Weapons” and “My Disaster” are very powerful sounding tracks that both have a great balance of well paced build ups followed by powerful choruses.

Overall, I feel most of the songs on this album are constructed very well lyrically. I feel this album has many memorable tracks that stand up tall lyrically and sound wise. The track “Words as Weapons” is one of the best tracks lyrically. It has a perfect blend of melody, aggression, and harmony which is something this band puts together very well.

The album works together very well overall with a nice balance of aggressive tracks and melodic tracks.It never feels to aggressive or becomes to much of a downer. There is almost a feel of yin and yang throughout the album that maintains a balance. Overall, this album is one I can say is enjoyable from start to finish. Some songs are deep and heart felt while others are aggressive and rage driven. Some songs balance the two out and overall this album creates a nice balance of a variety of emotions. At times its angry, at times its thoughtful, at times its personal, and overall this album dives into human emotion in a great way and might get you thinking by the time it’s over.

Grade: B+


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