Counting Crows: Somewhere Under Wonderland

A simple blue monotone painting of a man seated wearing a hat with the album and artist name painted above in white

Released: September 2, 2014

The Counting Crows are one of the bands that had some great contributions to the 90’s and early 00’s but almost seem to have faded in the last ten or so years. While they have continued to make music, I can’t say any of their recent work has been as amazing as their earlier work. This album on the other hand, reminds me of some of the bands earlier work. The style reminds me of the bands album “August, and Everything After” which is in my opinion, the best album this band has produced.

The album has a nice blend of mellow tracks and upbeat, fun tracks as any other album this band puts out. My personal favorite track on the album is the track “Scarecrow” which has a guitar part that almost sounds like a riff from a Tom Petty track. Overall, this album if enjoyable but I won’t say that it is as good as some of the bands earlier ones. It holds the same spirit and structure that the earlier ones had, which I really like. At the end of the day I would say this album is better than the bands last few albums but not quite as great as “August and Everything After”.

Grade: D


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