Coldplay: Ghost Stories

Released: May 16, 2014

It may sound funny but I’m going to start by saying that I really like the album artwork for this album. It actually visualizes what is captured on this album. The image of angels wings over what appears to be an infinite ocean with the stars above is the perfect imagery to go along with what is heard on this album. Ghost Stories is a very relaxing album to listen to. It’s peaceful, vibrant, and overall magical from start to finish.

While it doesn’t have any big anthem-like songs like some, or most of the bands previous albums contained; this album works very well with its peaceful compilation of songs. While there aren’t any songs with the energy of songs like “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” or “Speed of Sound”, Ghost Stories exhibits the relaxing and softer side of this band. I won’t say that this album sounds vastly different from the bands previous works but it doesn’t have any tracks like the ones stated above, but this is not a bad thing.

Ghost Stories creates a dream-like atmosphere with its beautifully constructed songs. Lyrically, the songs are as deep and meaningful as anything Coldplay has released in the past. The sound is very familiar and they stick to their strengths but keep things on the mellow side which is fine. Overall, this album is beautifully constructed and makes for a good listen. It’s a great album to put on in the evening or really anytime you want to relax. It almost has this zen-like feel and I mean this in the best way possible.



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