Finch: Back to Oblivion

Released: September 30, 2014

This is only the third album from Finch in the 12 years since their debut album put them on the map. This album sounds like the bands first album but has a more polished sound. I really like the familiar sound of this album despite the long period of time between albums and I am sure that those who liked the bands earlier stuff will enjoy this release.

The two tracks that really stand out to me on this album are; the title track, “Back to Oblivion” because it is reminiscent of the bands earlier stuff but shows the progression and polish that they have acquired over the years, and the deep track “Play Dead”that talks about the torn state of the world and how we need to change for the better. The bands sound has changed for the better. It sounds more polished while maintaining the core sound and style that longtime fans loved back in the early 2000’s.

Lyrically, the songs on this album seem to be focused on corruption that runs deep in our everyday world. The songs are written well and very cleverly. One of my favorite lyrics from the album comes from the song “Play Dead”: “The future is yours (change with me now) What will be born? (Time ends for clear) Pierced by the thorn (change with me now) The future is torn (change with me now) Change with me now.” This takes what some might confuse as negativity and transforms it into a positive message for the overall focus of the album.

Overall, this album is enjoyable and better than might be expected from a band that hasn’t really stuck around after its breakthrough success. They may have gone away for a while but this album demonstrates that this band still has the ability to construct great music with its unique sound. I am sure that early fans of this band are glad to hear this great new album.

Grade: C+


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