Train: Bulletproof Picasso

Released: September 12, 2014

Train seems to have really found themselves with their past few albums. They have always been a great band since their first album but I can see a lot of growth in the past few albums. This album continues this trend with a few new tricks while maintaining the core sound and remaining true to who Train is. The tracks that stand out on this album are, Cadillac Cadillac , Bulletproof Picasso, and I Will Remember.

“Cadillac, Cadillac” is the usual fun, catchy, uptempo single this band is known to produce. “Bulletproof Picasso” is another catchy track that shows the deeper side of this band. It’s a thoughtful meaningful song with a feel-good vibe to go along with it. “I Will Remember” is another one of these thoughtful tracks that most listeners can probably relate to. It talks about all of the ups and downs of life and how we all have them. It’s an enjoyable track with a good message.

The bands sound has expanded in the past three albums and this album seems to do the same. There’s nothing to new or foreign sounding but I would say the track “The Bridge” has an almost “church choir” sound and feel to it which is something I cant remember hearing in previous Train albums. Lyrically, there is nothing out of the ordinary if you have listened to this band in the past. Some of the songs are catchy and might have you singing along while others just make for a good listen.

Overall, Bulletproof Picasso is a good continuation of this bands success. Its good because it remains true to what listeners have come to know as this bands sound while smoothly incorporating new elements in order to keep things new. Sixteen years after their debut album, Train still knows how to write good, honest, enjoyable music. This band deserves some credit.

Grade: B-


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