Beck: Morning Phase

Released: February 21, 2014

Personally, I only know of Becks singles so this is my first album listening to in full. What I will say is that Beck is a very talented musician that understands music and how to write effective songs both lyrically and instrumentally. As I said before, this is an artist that knows music and has the ability to write brilliant lyrics. The songs are easy to listen to and enjoyable from start to finish. I feel myself being pulled into the artists world as I listen to this album and its a world of wonder and excitement.

I find each track as effective as the next at building on or adding to the magic that the album establishes from the beginning. This album is enjoyable as a whole from start to finish. This album is different from Becks earlier albums such as 1996’s hit album “Odelay” which was made up of more upbeat songs. The music on this album is more harmonic and optimistic with ambient backing music which really compliments the style of singing beck produces on this album.

While this album doesn’t demonstrate any of the more upbeat, alternative style of rock that I really liked from the album “Odelay” I have to appreciate the growth of this artist. You won’t find any tracks like the hit “Where It’s At” on this album but, if you enjoy soothing, ambient music then this will be an enjoyable album. Beck is an amazing musician and while this album might not be what I was looking for, it still presents the high quality of this musical genius.

Grade: B-


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