The Fray: Helios

Released: February 25, 2014

“Helios” is the fourth album from “The Fray” who gained success with 2005’s hit album “How to Save a Life”. This album has songs that harken back to the bands first hit album in the areas of sound and feel while keeping things fresh and new by adding slightly new sounding elements throughout the entirety of the album. Hold My Hand is a track that reminds me of the bands hit song “You Found Me” and almost seems like a not to the past hit. “Love Don’t Die” is a good track that exemplifies this bands strengths and works well as a feel-good track.

Some songs sound very similar to what the band has done in the past while others sound different. One track that sounds somewhat like a generic “Fray” song would be the track “Break Your Hands” which seems to use a formula that this band has surely used a few times making it almost feel like recycled material. Each song on this album is well written and meaningful. Lyrically, the songs on this album seem to come from the heart and work well with the style of music put forth.

Overall, Helios is a decent album. While there are tracks that seem like rehashed ideas, for the most part this album is enjoyable. I personally favor the more upbeat tracks on the album but some of the slower tracks are pretty enjoyable as well. I feel some of the songs execute the strengths of this band well while others seem somewhat generic and quickly thrown together. This albums not bad but its not the greatest thing either. Overall, some of the tracks are great while the rest are just okay.

Grade: C+


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