Better Than Ezra: All Together Now

Released: September 9, 2014

All Together Now produces a sound that I would say is more like the sound the band had in its earlier days. Some of the songs have more of a pop type influence to them which I will say is different from some of the earlier stuff this band produced. Overall, they seem to hold some of the core values from their earlier days while adding elements that make the songs more pop-oriented when compared to the earlier stuff that was more rock oriented.

The first track “Crazy Lucky” is one of my personal favorites on the album because it reminds me of the music this band created on albums like “Deluxe” and “Friction Baby”. The track “Dollar Song” has this almost funk-type vibe to it while still holding to the bands core sound but overall sounding very different. The final track “I Fly Away” is a feel-good track that ends the album in a great way that is both refreshing and enjoyable. This is another track that reminds me of some of the bands earlier work.

While I am not to crazy about some of the newer elements that this band seems to have incorporated into their music, I feel there are a few tracks on this album that capture just how good this band can be. While you can’t expect a band to produce something very similar to what they created twenty years ago, I feel that this band could benefit from producing songs that hold their roots more so in the realm of alternative rock rather than incorporating various elements in order to please modern audiences.  This album is something new and fresh; its enjoyable but, I feel like this band would greatly benefit from a walk down memory lane. It’s good to change and try new things but I feel that this band would be much better if they would re-examine their roots.

Grade: C-


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