Live: The Turn

A photograph of a highway

Released: October 28, 2014

After the band took a two year break from music Live has returned with a bit of a line-up change. This time, a new front-man and lead singer, Chris Shin. A lot of times when the lead singer is replaced a band never sounds the same and seems to lose its spark. With this album though, I feel the replacement works very well surprisingly! His voice is really similar to the original lead singers and the style of music is the same. While I know that this is a new lead singer, most of the time I feel like I am listening to the same great band and singer that produced early hits such as “Lightning Crashes”, “Lightning Crashes”, or “All Over You”. I am surprised at how similar this band sounds to it’s earlier albums with this new singer.

This album has a familiar sound overall and there is nothing that sounds foreign to the distinguished sound that this band has maintained throughout the years. Lyrically this album is very similar to what the band has done in the past as well. There’s nothing out of the ordinary or shockingly different. The strongest tracks on this album are “Natural Born Killers”, “The Way Around Is Through”, and “We Open the Door”. These tracks take me back to this bands earlier days not by copying things of the past but just in the well written manner they are constructed.

The Turn is one of the best albums I have heard from this band in a while. It almost harkens back to the earlier days of this band from the 90’s despite the change up of a key element in the lead singer. More often than not, when a band changes its lead singer, it changes everything about how the band sounds. This case is different. Live sounds like the good old band that I remember hearing growing up. Yes, it is slightly different, but, for such a line-up change they have maintained very well and managed to put out an album that is both enjoyable and appreciative of their roots.

Grade: B


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