ACDC: Rock or Bust

Released: November 28, 2014

It’s been six years since AC/DC put out some new music but this is nothing out of the ordinary for the rock gods. It can take time to create great music and this is a band that takes great pride in making good music. They don’t just throw an album together to appease fans, they take their time and work on every song so that the finished product is something valuable. Some bands fade with time but AC/DC has managed to span a successful career into its almost fifth decade! Rock or Bust sounds like the good old AC/DC and shows that great bands like this just know how to do rock and roll.

Each song on this album is enjoyable and sure to please any long time fan of the legendary band. From start to finish this album is fun and holds the same spirit of the bands classics. This album was made without founding member and rhythm guitarist Malcom Young due to health problems. While he was unable to be a part of this album the sound doesn’t seem to be much different if not the same. Many of the songs are said to be created or inspired by previously unused material from the past. Overall, this album is something new for fans to enjoy. It stays true to the sound of the band and doesn’t try anything to new or unfamiliar making it familiar and enjoyable.

Grade: B-


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