Neon Trees: Pop Psychology

Released: April 22, 2014

Pop Psychology picks right up where the bands previous album left off and keeps the fun, pop rock tunes rolling right along. Each song is fun in its own way and takes on a life of its own. Each track on this album is very enjoyable. Some will make you want to dance and sing along while others will just make you feel good. This album almost reminds me of some of the good alternative and pop music that partly made the 90’s such a great decade for music. The sound of this album is much like the bands past albums but in a way has a slightly more pop feel to it but why would that be a surprise when the album itself is “Pop Psychology”?

The tracks that stand out on this album are the first track “Love In the 21st Century”, “Sleeping With a Friend”  and “Teenager In Love”. Love in the 21st Century is a great track that looks at modern relationships and how the internet has seemed to become a part of a relationship as well as how relationships have become something to throw away rather than a partnership that works together. Sleeping With a Friend is a somewhat laid back song that  goes into the dangers of hurting a friendship when emotions get going. Teenager In Love is another fun track about love and how it can become a “curse and a crutch”. These three tracks show the strength this band has in making catchy, pop-centered, tracks that become addicting. “Unavoidable” is another great track that works very well as a duet and is one of the stronger tracks.

Lyrically, the music is well written. The songs are catchy, sentimental, and very memorable. When I look at this album as a whole I would say it is very strong. I’m not sure if I would say it’s my favorite from the band but at least as good and enjoyable as their previous albums. Pop Psychology is an album that shows pop music still has a place in the modern music scene. This is an album that would have been huge in the 90’s rock and pop scene. I’m not saying its out of date or place. This is a breath of fresh air and makes me very hopeful for the continued success and enjoyable music to come from this great band!

Grade:  B+


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