The Black Keys: Turn Blue

Released: May 12, 2014

While I originally thought this was the third or fourth album released from The Black Keys, it is actually the bands eighth album! Their first album was actually released back in 2002 but they gained major popularity in the rock scene when they released 2010’s hit album, “Brothers”. This album fits right in with the bands past two albums and has a classical and psychedelic feel to it just as the album cover hints. It has a more psychedelic feel compared to the previous two albums but still has the overall core sound that this band has established. There is nothing foreign sounding looking back to their previous releases.

While I don’t feel that this album produced any huge hits like the bands previous two albums did there are a few distinguished tracks on this album. These tracks are “Turn Blue”, “Fever”, “10 Lovers”, and the final track “Gotta Get Away”. Overall, the music on this album has a hint of blues mixed with a touch of psychedelic rock. The album has an overall slower and more laid back tempo compared to the albums “El Camino” and “Brothers” but it works due to the fact that the songs seem to go for more of the psychedelic and blues style as opposed to the bands more alternative rock sound on those albums.

Overall, “Turn Blue” is something different and enjoyable to listen to. I wouldn’t call it one of the bands best albums and probably not one of the albums of the year. However, I would recommend giving it a listen. It’s an album that some will love, some will forget, and others might just enjoy. If you enjoy bluesy 70’s inspired rock then this might be a great album for you. But, if your looking for something more along the lines of what this band produced on their albums “Brothers” and “El Camino”you might find yourself under-satisfied.

Grade: D+


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