All-American Rejects: When The World Comes Down

Released: December 16, 2008

The All-American Rejects continued to progress and evolve with their third album “When The World Comes Down”. The overall sound of this album comes off as more in the realm of alternative rock as opposed to the bands earlier music that was more centered around pop-punk. This album has some great songs and a few that got old after extensive radio play, one that comes to mind is the track “Gives You Hell”. I feel the song is to repetitive and got old very fast. I think the band could have made a better choice for a single, maybe the track “Real World” which is much stronger both lyrically and thematically would have been a better choice.

Lyrically, tracks like “Real World”, “Another Heart Calls”, and “Breakin'” are pretty good while the rest of the songs are typical and really not that special. A majority of the other tracks are somewhat generic and not to exciting while these three seem like they had a little more heart put into them. Overall, there are a few notable tracks on this album and a bunch of tracks that can be easily glossed over. The album is a step forward when it comes to composure but seems to lose some of the fun feel that the bands prior albums held.

Score: 8.29
Grade: C


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