Chevelle: Vena Sera

Released: April 3, 2007

Vena Sera was released three years after Chevelle released one of their highly successful albums, “This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)”. The album has a matured sound that also seems to have a fine polish to it compared to the bands first two albums. The album demonstrates the raw power and aggression that this band had shown on its previous albums while producing tracks that seem to flow well together throughout. When it comes to lyrics, there was nothing to different from the bands prior albums that stood out or came as a shock or disappointment.

A track that really stands out on this album is the first, high energy track “Antisaint”. “Well Enough Alone” is a another notable track that demonstrates a nice balance of melody and aggression as this band is known for doing very well. “The Fad” is aggressive, lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally making for a powerhouse track with the subject matter of societies ignorance of violence. The track “I Get It” is probably my favorite from the album with its unique sound and subject-matter of being looked down on by someone that thinks their perfect. The last track that really stands out on this album is “Saturdays”, a track that preaches the message that we belong in the Saturdays of our youth, a time when we where alive and nothing could hold us down.

Vena Sera is a unique album that somewhat bridges the gap from the bands earlier days to the current sound they produce which is more hard rock oriented. Vena Sera has somewhat of a fuller song compared to the earlier albums and displays songs that seem a bit more melodic and well-thought out. The bands sound on this album is a bit more polished and maybe that’s what makes if sound slightly different compared to those first two. This album is pretty good compared to the other releases from this band both before and since its release. It’s not their best album but holds its own and has a unique quality that makes it memorable.

Score: 8.59


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