Breaking Benjamin: Phobia

Released: August 8, 2006

Breaking Benjamin struck gold, actually platinum, with the release of this great album. The album came two years after the bands major breakthrough album, “We Are Not Alone” and really built on the foundation upon which that album had laid out. This album demonstrates a fine tuned sound and demonstrates lead singer, Benjamin Burnley’s strong vocalizations that vary from lower key harmonization’s to loud, agressive, in your face screams. The blend of alternative, metal, and grunge makes for a perfect storm of rock and roll that made this album the best from this band to date.

This album demonstrates its power and strength in the hit singles “The Diary of Jane”, “Breath”, and “Until the End” as well as other tracks such as the interesting and captivating track “Evil Angel” which is one of my personal favorites on the album. Other great tracks on this album are “Dance with the Devil”, “Unknown Soldier”, and the very catchy track, “Had Enough”. This album is strong inside and out and there isn’t one track on it that feels out of place. Lyrically, these songs are smart, thought provoking, intriguing and powerful. All of these elements make Phobia the strongest album this band has produced. While their most recent album Dear Agony was really good, Phobia has more memorable tracks and is overall stronger from start to finish.

Rating: 8.91
Grade: B+


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