Blink-182: Enema of the State


“Enema of the State” is one of blink-182’s most iconic albums and it was the album that really catapulted them into stardom. While, they had already produced a big hit or two, this album is the one that tipped the scale. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s full of youth, and it’s honestly one of those albums that you might just find yourself starting over when the last song finishes. Some albums fade with time…this album is one of the special ones that ages like a fine wine and ask’s itself…”What’s My Age Again?”

1. Dumpweed   10/10
2. Don’t Leave Me  9/10
3. Aliens Exist   9/10
4. Going Away To College   10/10
5. What’s My Age Again?   10/10
6. Dysentery Gary  9/10
7. Adams Song   10/10
8. All The Small Things   10/10
9. The Party Song   9/10
10. Mutt   10/10
11. Wendy Clear   10/10
12. Anthem  10/10

Grade: 96.7 (A+)


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