Against Me! : White Crosses

Released: June 8, 2010

“White Crosses” took a major step in the right direction for Against Me! The songs are all great and memorable. The pacing of the album is fast like a punk rock album should be but this doesn’t every song is a fast paced banger. This album has a lot of heart, a lot of rage, and each song sings about things that should be very easy to relate to for most listeners making it almost personal. The subject matter of this album deals with the frustration that most of us deal with growing up in the 21st century. One of my favorite quotes from this album comes from the track “Teenage Anarchist” which sings, “Do you remember when you where young and you wanted to set the world on fire?” This track hits home about how many of us look at the world and dream big when we are where young and how most of us seem to grow up and fall in line.

Each song seems to analyze our culture and creates an eye opening experience that will have you thinking and wanting to change the world by the time the album finishes. I really feel like this album was the pinnacle of this bands work. It adds on to the successful album “New Wave”, and captures some magic that wasn’t fully demonstrated on the bands latest album which is understandable due to changes in the personnel of the band. While some fans will say the bands earlier work was better, I feel this is the strongest album of theirs to date. This album is a great modern example of what a punk rock album should sound and feel like. It has heat, it has angst, it has aggression, and best of all, it has passion!

Notable Tracks
White Crosses
I Was a Teenage Anarchist
Spanish Moss
Baboon Bones

Score: 9.23
Grade:  A


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