Paramore: Self-Titled

Released: April 5, 2013

Paramore seemed to depart from their pop-punk roots on their previous album “Brand New Eyes”and embraced more of an alternative rock sound. This album shows a return to more of the pop-punk sound of the bands earlier albums but draws from the bands evolved sound of “Brand New Eyes”. Lyrically this album is a mix of old and new. Tracks such as “Fast In My Car”, “Now”, and “Still Into You” demonstrate a familiar sound while tracks like “Last Hope”, “Ankle Biters”, and “Be Alone”lean more in the directions of alternative rock.

I would say that this album is better than the bands previous album but I cant say that it’s their best. This album takes what the band had success with on earlier albums and blended it with their evolved and more mature themes and elements which makes for an overall enjoyable album. Another interesting thing about this album is the fact that two of the bands founding members departed the band prior to the recording of this album. The bands aim for this album was that it would be a sort of statement album that they can continue to be a great band despite losing those members. This album stands tall and shows that despite losing a few members, Paramore is band that holds strong and continues to move in a good direction.

Notable Tracks

Fast In My Car
Ain’t It Fun
Still Into You
Be Alone

Rating: 8.83


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