Eve 6: Speak in Code

Released: April 24, 2012

Speak In Code was the first album in 9 years from the successful rock band Eve 6. I was really excited for this album when it was announced and was optimistic about how good it would be. I along with other fans of this band was for sure not let down! This album re-established the band into the modern decade of rock music and is one of those albums that proves the longevity of another great band from the early 2000’s. This album feels and sounds like a more polished version of the band with the same type of catchy, fun songs that gained them success in their earlier days.

Lyrically, the tracks on this album are cleaver and similar thematically to what the band had done in the past. They sing of brotherhood, friendship, relationships, and trust making for an overall enjoyable and relatable experience from start to finish. This album fits right in with the mix of the bands earlier albums almost as if the band had thrown everything they had done in the past in a blender resulting in a beautiful oblivion…no pun intended. This album is fun at times as well as deep and thoughtful at others. The quality of this album is a good indicator of this bands passion and musicianship. After 9 years I can only say that this album is better than expected!

Notable Tracks
Situation Infatuation
Blood Brothers
Trust Me

Rating: 9.16
Grade: A

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