Imagine Dragons: Night Visions

Released: September 4, 2012

Imagine Dragons really set the stage for their success with the release of this album. Night Visions is a great modern alternative rock album full of passion, energy, and many memorable tracks. The band mixes elements of ambient sounding rock with heart-felt lyrics that combine for overall great and powerful music. The songs have a lot of detail which is something that you don’t usually notice until a bands knocked out a few albums. The music is very creative and the structure and lyrics of each song are well crafted.

The lyrics on this album are great! Each song seems to come straight from the heart demonstrating a deep passion for the message each one holds. None of the songs on this album sound bland or to repetitive. Each track takes on a life of its own ranging from tracks that are fun and joyful to tracks that are more focused on motivation and determination. Each track seems to be deep and thoughtful in its own right.

Overall, this album works great as an introduction to this diverse and unique band. It is filled with passion that comes straight from the heart from start to finish. One thing I will knock this album for is the way in which the lead single, “Radioactive” is somewhat misleading. I love the song and think it’s great but I feel the album is misrepresented by it. The track has a very high energy that is not demonstrated anywhere else in the album. The result is an album that peaks at the start and quickly tones it down. This album surely could have used more high energy tracks to accompany the smash hit.

Notable Tracks
It’s Time
On Top of the World
Bleeding Out

Rating: 8.27
Grade: B


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