The Offspring: Conspiracy of One

Released: November 14, 2000

Conspiracy of One was the follow-up release to The Offspring’s 1998 smash hit album “Americana”. Many times after a band has such a great album they seem to always reach, but never attain that height. Conspiracy of One is an album that lives up to the expectations and is as good as its predecessor depending on who you ask. The sound of this album is very similar to that of Americana but demonstrates that the band had not neglected it’s punk rock roots. This album manages to blend the cleaner sound of the previous album with a more punk rooted sound.

Lyrically, this album is a little more mature overall compared to the bands prior releases. While the album does have lighter tracks such as “Original Prankster” and “One Fine Day”. A majority of the tracks seem a little more thoughtful and personally driven from the heart compared to most of the tracks on Americana. This album represents a good time in this bands history where they where riding off of the success of Americana and continuing to produce music filled with energy and for the most part, high spirits. While this album isn’t as amazing as it’s predecessor, it is still a very enjoyable album from start to finish. It contains many great songs and I can’t say there is a song on the album that doesn’t belong. This album basically blends the sound of Americana with the bands earlier albums making for an overall enjoyable experience.

Notable Tracks
Original Prankster
Want You Bad
Million Miles Away

Score: 9.02
Grade: A-

Click album cover for youtube link!


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